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We are a mobile instrument repair shop

Moment's Notice Instrument Repair provides the same high quality repair services a brick and mortar can offer, but with more convenience for you. We specialize in the repair and maintenance of woodwind and brasswind instruments. Whether you need a quick adjustment to your flute, a crack repair in your clarinet, or a chemical clean for your trumpet, we can handle it all in our mobile shop without the wait!

What can you fix in a mobile shop?

Almost anything! Our mobile shop is equipped to handle most repair services on site. We can provide pad replacement, adjustments, soldering, brass chemical cleaning, and dent work. Larger repairs such as a tenon replacement, extensive parts rebuilding and soldering, and jobs that require large machines are still offered, just not on demand.


How does it work?

Book online or call us

Book online or call us at 317-731-2006 to schedule your appointment

We will be in touch

We will then contact you to work out the details, such as location, time, date, instrument, etc. 

We come to you

We will be there within the agreed upon time frame and perform the repairs.

If the repair is extensive and we need to take it off location, we will provide a loaner and bring back your instrument as quickly as possible!

We will email you an invoice

Once the repairs are completed, we will email you an invoice and take payment for the repairs. We work paperless so that there is less for you to keep track of!


Our mission is to provide the highest quality repairs while providing the client with a convenience they’ve never had before.  We strive to source the best materials and supplies that are available for your instrument.  We are constantly integrating the latest techniques and tools available to make our repairs better and reduce time. 




  • Key corks

  • Pad replacement 

  • Spring replacement

  • Solder joints

  • Silver solder 

  • Tenon corks 

  • Sax neck corks

  • Flute head cork 

  • Re-fit flute tenon 

  • Replace thumb rest (clarinet or oboe)

  • Replace

    • Case latch 

    • Case hinge 

    • Plastic handle


  • We offer repadding of woodwind instruments. 

  • Part fabrication




  • Pull stuck mouthpiece        

  • Re-thread valve casing 

  • Pull frozen slide 

  • Valve spring replacement 

  • Pull stuck valve

  • Re-align valves 

  • Valve cork & felt replacement 

  • Repair out-of-round or dented valve casing 


  • Adjust trombone slide 

  • Solder brace 

  • Silver solder 

  • Re-string single horn rotor valves

  • Clean individual rotor valve

  • Repair frozen hinge rod 

  • Repair bent valve or casing

  • Cleaning

    • Chemical flush cleaning on all brass instruments

  • Part replacement

  • Part fabrication

  • Extensive dents involving removal of tube sections



How does it work?

All you have to do is contact us via website or phone. Once we get your request for service, we will coordinate the details with you. It’s that simple!

What kind of services do you offer?

We offer virtually any service that pertains to woodwind and brasswind repairs.

Where do we perform repairs?

With our business model, we can repair almost anywhere. We usually cater to schools and private repairs. If you’re uncomfortable with meeting at your home, we can arrange a mutually beneficial location.

What if my repairs take longer than the allotted time?

We can offer about 80% of the services you’d usually find in a brick and mortar shop, but mobile. For those jobs that take multiple hours, we can still help! We will then communicate with you regarding what repairs are needed and arrange to take your instrument with us. Once repairs are completed, we will arrange to bring it back to you. Such jobs are: repads/overhauls to woodwinds, extensive body work, or jobs needing extensive parts and installation.

Is there a service call fee?

To reserve your appointment, a thorough assessment of your instrument, and the convenience of having repairs performed on site, there is a service call fee. The service call fee will be applied toward the cost of your repairs and is paid upon reservation.

What do I do if I need a part that you don’t carry on the bus?

We can still help you! Upon assessing your instrument, if you need a part that we do not have on hand, we will source it and issue you a quote. Then, we will either take the instrument with us or contact you once it comes in and coordinate an appointment to complete your repairs.

Do you offer loaners when you take an instrument for repair?
  • Yes, we can provide a loaner for you. Our aim is to fix your instrument on site so you don’t need one, but sometimes your instrument needs more work than can be done in one visit, i.e. a repad. These are provided at no additional cost. 

  • We understand that accidents happen and will cover the cost if the loaner is damaged at our discretion. Obvious misuse will result in additional charges.

Is there a warranty for work completed?

Yes. We offer a 30 day warranty on all repairs completed. On repads, we offer a 6-month warranty that includes a checkup appointment.

Do you offer rentals?

At this time we do not offer rentals. We do, however, have refurbished instruments for sale. Please check our website for available inventory.

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We are environmentally friendly!

We strive to be as energy efficient and environmentally conscious as possible! The shop's energy supply is solar powered and the cleaners used are environmentally friendly. We take pride in keeping our environmental impact as low as we can!


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By booking an appointment with Moment's Notice Repair, you are agreeing to a $45 minimum service call fee that is due with the service billing.
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