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Terms of Service

Repairs include a 45 day warranty on all work performed and billed for.  The warranty will be void if repairs are performed by another technician or shop.  If a warranty service is needed, it is the responsibility of the owner of the instrument to contact Moment’s Notice Repair as soon as possible in order to schedule additional service.  The warranty service includes a service fee and labor at no additional cost to the customer.  Parts may be charged for depending on damage or condition of the instrument when the technician sees the instrument for a warranty service; discretion goes to the technician on additional fees.  

Service Call Fee

Service call fees serve as a deposit to hold your appointment and travel to your location.  If you wish to not have your instrument repaired after assessment of the instrument, Moment’s Notice Repairs reserves the right to retain the service call fee.  If a refund of the service call fee is to be issued, it will be at the discretion of the technician or representative of Moment's Notice Repair. 

Merchandise Returns

All sales are final for consumable small goods and special orders.  If you need to return an item, please keep original packaging and keep the item in like new condition.  If a trial of an item is needed, please contact Moment’s Notice Repairs immediately.  Some small goods may be subject to a restocking fee; this covers any cleaning and processing of the item.

Used Instrument Returns

Used instruments sold by Moments Notice Repair included a 45 day warranty.  If there are any issues with the function or structure of the instrument, please contact us as soon as possible.  If the instrument needs to be returned, there is a 5 day return window from the date of sale.  If this window needs to be adjusted, please discuss these terms at the time of sale.  Any change of return window after the date of sale is under the discretion of Moment’s Notice Repair.

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